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South Africa - The Anunnaki apology

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Encounters of a site whisperer

By John Paul Fischbach, Eagle Heart

This is my tent for the vision quest positioned where the two circles meet.

In January 2018 I went on a vision quest at the top of a hill at an ancient stone circle ruin we refer to as the welcome circle. When I woke up in the morning 4 Anunnaki spirits were hovering in the air outside my tent. After some greetings, they delivered this address. Luckily I had the presence of mind to record it.

We apologise to Gaia and to the people of the earth for our intervention. We, like you, saw an opportunity and we exploited it. We were on the verge of extinction, and the gold on this planet could save our civilization. We came and we plundered. We saw the potential of this place and we exploited it. We changed the atmosphere. We created a species. Both of these were gross interventions. We don't know what would have happened had we not intervened here on this planet.

You live on an incredibly beautiful planet. Understand that she is a living being, different than other planets. Our wish for you is to work with her, and not, as we did, exploit her. Work in balance with her, for the good of all.

The things we did changed the course of this planet. We accept our responsibility for this action, and for encouraging other alien races to follow in our footsteps. We were boastful about our discoveries and filled with ego and pride about our creations. And for that, we owe a debt. To say that our actions were "just human nature" is something you might understand. Because you were created in our likeness and have so much of our genetic makeup and personality, we ask that you, our creatures, accept that you would have done, and indeed, you have done the same. You could say that it is human nature to see a golden opportunity and exploit it for your own benefit.

We spread the word, to the rest of the universe, that anyone could come here and they would be allowed to exploit, plunder, and create. Because, as we told others, that's precisely what we did. We wish now in hindsight that better protection for this planet would have been put in place and that she would have been allowed to evolve and grow and nurture in peace and in love.

The past cannot be undone. Perhaps we were an integral part of the destiny of this planet. Whatever the case, we would like you to move forward with a true understanding of the past.

This is a place for creation; this is a creation planet. This planet teaches and develops creators because they can easily manifest things here. The variety of species you enjoy is particular to this planet and proof of so much unique experimenting and creating. You can appreciate the excitement of being able to create. That was the excitement that we had. We could come here and create a model. We could design flowers, birds, insects. We could modify and be creative. Once a form was created, Gaia accepted the form and the form was able to propagate.

For a while, we did keep this place secret even from our own people, so that we could experiment and create new life forms. The two circles in front of you were our original terrestrial labs of creation. We were swept up in the excitement of being able to do whatever we needed, whatever we wanted, and whatever we could in this place. Eventually news of how easy it is to create new forms on this planet spread.

The purpose of this planet is for souls to incarnate here in physical form and learn the lessons of unconditional love: to absorb, to transmute, and to give back. A soul may return here for as many cycles as are required, until that soul becomes a creator in its own right.

This is, and perhaps always was, the destiny of this planet. Our interruption means that we will never know for sure what would have happened here had we not created humans. We ask that you understand and that you forgive our intervention. We ask that you embrace the history of our presence bravely, and with determination, forge a new path in partnership with Gaia herself.

We would implore you to honour sustainability above innovation, to honour partnership and collaboration over control and domination. The qualities of domination and control come from us. These qualities have created the disharmony you live with now. We see that our ego was fed by a continual diet of innovation, control, and domination. Our hope for you is that you turn away from this pattern you inherited from us and look for partnership, cooperation, and sustainability above all.

Perhaps we have grown and matured because of our experiences here. Perhaps there is a bigger contract playing out, some greater design and greater destiny. We believe that there is much you can learn from our past and our actions.

Thank you, for coming with an open heart and an open mind to listen to us. Thank you, for understanding and having compassion for us. We hope that we will be of help to you.

We are grateful that we can have this counsel with you at this time.

We are prepared to answer any questions and explain more of what we did here and how these circles facilitated our creations.

That was the end of the statement that my Anunnaki guides had prepared. I was moved by the beauty and humility of their words. The remaining days of my vision quest were filled with information about and visions of these circles in full operation.

Many people know the Anunnaki only as evil manipulators who ruled in Sumer. I must say that the Sumerian Anunnaki sound very different to the spirits I’ve directly experienced in Africa. Perhaps it is the difference between the Anunnaki of Enlil in the northern hemisphere and Anunnaki of Enki in the southern hemisphere. I don't know. What I do know is that the Anunnaki spirits I have spent many hours channelling, are compassionate, friendly, helpful beings.

My Shaman name is EagleHeart because I can find a place for them in my heart, a place of acceptance and understanding. When I speak with these Anunnaki I feel genuine interest and compassion coming from them. I’m willing to hear their story without judgement. Perhaps these Anunnaki sense my openness and that is why they have continued to communicate with me and share the details of their experiences here on earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. Time and time again they express gratitude that I am interested and willing to communicate and connect with them. I am grateful for the time I have spent with these intelligent, compassionate beings.

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