Shamanic Healing

"I create an atmosphere and make the connection for healing to occur.  The healing takes place in the exchange between you and spirit.  As a shaman I facilitate your healing"

Healing is reconnecting the soul to nature, spirit, and energy.  

"Using herbs, crystals, sound and energy, I access other dimensions to bring  back knowledge, wisdom and tools to aid you in healing."

John Paul has extensive experience with the following healing techniques 

Grandmother Readings

Channelled reading from the Council of 44 Grandmothers.  Advise on all matters of life and answers to your personal questions.





Reconnection for artists

Upgrading the software of your soul's purpose.  This ceremony re-connects nodal points on the body and tethers star energies.


shaman drum petroglypth.jpg

Sound healing

Tuning the body with drumming and solfeggio tuning forks to find blocks, release them and tune the physical body and soul





Soul Retrieval

Finding the broken parts of your soul and bringing them back with a lesson and teaching.