About me


John Paul has been a practicing Shaman since 1987. 


In addition to being a ceremony man and site whisperer, I am also a theatre and film director.


I have lived, worked, and created ceremonies in the US, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Bali, Peru, Costa Rica, South Africa and Australia.


I was trained in traditional Native American Shamanism by a range of Medicine men and women and Grandmothers. At my formal initiation ceremony, I was welcomed into the spiritual council of the 44 grandmothers.  I work closely with these spirits as my personal guides and councillors.  I also facilitate their council for others.  This spirit guide council is instrumental in my work as a sacred site whisperer.


I'm a sacred New Moon pipe carrier and teacher of the Medicine Wheel. 


In a parallel reality I'm also the CEO and Chief Alchemist of the Auspicious Arts Incubator where I help artists create sustainable arts businesses.