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South Africa - Built for mining gold

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Built for mining

Encounters of a site whisperer

By John Paul Fischbach

One of the first circles I experienced in 2015
Blaubausch Corral circle

In 2015 I made my first visit to the ancient stone circles of South Africa with Michael Tellinger. The whole concept of Aliens visiting earth for industrial purposes was all new to me.

I found a lovely curved wall in the circle. The perfect place to sit and site whisper. I centred, opened, introduced myself, and as sometimes happens a spirit is right there waiting. This was the foreman of this valley. An Anunnaki about 7-8 ft. tall tanned skin. Triangular tunic top and trousers that were not so much pants as culottes. Long dark hair pulled back into a pony tail at the back of the neck.

He was yelling over the sound created by the energy of this circle shooting up into the sky all around me. “It’s too loud in here. You never came inside here. It’s too strong. The energy beam is in here. Move outside the circle and we can chat.”

I laughed out loud and got up from the place I was sitting. Others on the tour looked at me quizzically laughing and walking out of the circle while they were very seriously centring themselves and preparing for their own personal energy meditations. Clearly, gathering energy from this spot would not be difficult. Quite the contrary actually, how to not take in too much energy proved to be the issue with many in the group.

I made my way out of the circle and found a nice spot of land, sat down and re-established our connection. He reintroduced himself and explained again that he was the foreman of the valley. His job was to maintain the circles, over-see the building of new circles and to coordinate the transport of ore from the mine -shafts.

He was the foreman working this site. The day I’ve dropped into was the day that this circle was activated. My site whispering sometimes happens this way. Sometimes the spirits that come forward to interact with me are spirit guides from the time the site was active who have an overall wisdom of the site. These sort of spirits offer information and explanation from a wide perspective of time. Other times it is as though I walk through a veil and the site appears at a specific moment, a specific day in the distant past. The spirit that interacts with me in these instances is actually working or living in their time going about their daily routine. These spirits often can only share what they know / knew at that time. They often don’t have answers for my more esoteric questions. Occasionally they refer me along to another being who can answer my questions. (I’ve yet to try contacting secondary spirit, ‘by referral’.)

He wanted me to understand that, “these circles are only to produce the energy we need for the mining operation and also to create an energy layer for the landing of ships and the transport of ore.” A bit full on Science fiction for me, but let’s go with it.,

He explained that there is a layer of energy that is created by all the circles at about 1,000 ft. to hold the containers that transport gold ore from the mines to the smelter to make the liquid gold and then to transport the liquid gold to the big furnaces to make the white monoatomic gold dust. This final stage of gold refining was then sent to the location of the magnetron shaped circles which produced the massive energy to propel a fairly constant stream of gold up past the earth’s atmosphere into the large cargo ships hanging out above the earth. “Those ships are too big to enter the earth’s atmosphere”.

I asked the foreman about the energy producing circles in this valley. “Some were stronger energy than others. All of them had basic energy but some were incredibly strong due to the placement on the earth. Not all places on the earth produce the same strength of energy. It’s good when we find a spot for a circle like this one. But other places need many circles to produce enough energy to make the consistent strong layer of energy we require.”

Can I ask you about the small circle outside the big circoe? He responded, “The little circle is a stabiliser, like a pillar. So that nothing drifts.” He went on to explain, “each circle is built as Michael Tellinger explained. We determine the diameter of the energy field and we place stone pegs around the perimeter. They resonate and we disperse ash in the circle and the ash moves to identify the shape and design of the walls. The walls function to contain the energy. The resonance of this stone magnifies the earth energy and bounces and ricochets it off all the walls. The only way out for the energy is upward. The walls insure that the energy stays projected upward.”

He continued, “Once complete, the circle has to be activated ‘rung’ a seed stone gets activated and begins to ring on its own producing a strong vibration and tone. We place it on the wall and the vibration and tone activates all the rest of the stones. The whole circle rings. We have to activate the seed stone for it to ring.” He paused to be sure I could see what he was explaining and showing me. “It was quite loud in the valley with all the circles producing their signature tone”…. With recognition he added, “It’s noisy here, like any industrial site”.

I asked if the energy was as strong today as it was back then.

“no they are weaker now because the walls have gaps and are not consistent in height” he answered, “Once these are built you can’t turn them off unless you remove the walls completely. But even if you remove the walls, there will always be faint power, because the pattern of the earth energy at this spot has been inscribed on the surface by the construction of the stone circle”. He added, “Focused and contained energy inside the design is why the temperature shifts. The intensified moving energy raises the earth's temperature below ground”.

We chatted for a bit about the construction of the circles in the valley. He explained that the big ceiling of energy was maintained by the pillars of energy rising from the circles. This ceiling significantly reduces the gravity and so levitation of stones is very easy. Creating channels defined by stone walls makes the transportation of stones along those channels effortless. “The walls of the channel magnify the effect and contain it so things float in the channels”. “Once a circle is completed we often dismantled the connecting channels and used those stones to build other channels”

He made a small detour in our conversation. If you want to find the gold in our tunnels dig into our shafts where you see strong channel walls. That will identify a fairly recent mine. If you want to find the gold that we didn’t deplete.”

It was clear from our conversation that the Anunnaki left somewhat abruptly with many mines still in operation.

I asked how the mining worked.

He replied, “Mining was much like you do, follow the vein.” He showed me to a shaft so I could see a mine in operation. I could see drilling by some sort of powerful beam. He explained this part of the process. “We have devices attached to the ships that collect and focus the energy for drilling. The earth stone gets vaporised… and dust moves up… not like the crushed stone of the mining you are familiar with”. He showed me more. Up at the energy ceiling ayer was a ship with long arms. Each arm had 5 round concave pads at the end. It resembled a clover. He explained that the back side gathered the free flowing energy from the layer of consistent energy. Each pad tilts to focus a beam directly to a spot on the earth to "drill". The drilling seemed to vaporise the rock not blast it. As the beam shot down from the layer of energy a stream of rock dust seemed to shoot back up along the side of the beam.

I then saw a “human” emerge from the shaft with what looked like a basket of ore. He dumped it outside the entrance to the shaft. I could see three other “humans” waiting around the shaft. One by one, they were lowered into the shaft. They stood near the shaft and then just stepped over the opening. They seemed to be suspended above the shaft and then slowly lowered into the shaft as the next one stepped into the opening.

I asked about these ‘human’ miners, “They used stone cones and our technology to attract the gold vein”. Our chat shifted to the topic of these ‘human slaves’ the word he used was ‘creature’ He did not refer to them as slaves, or humans. He called them ‘creatures’. He explained that they were developed with intelligence so that they could understand instructions, and use the power of thought and intention. “They were taught how to have a thought / intention to pull the vein toward themselves”. He showed me how the gold vein would pull away from the rock wall with a bit of the surrounding stone. He wanted to clarify, “But less waste than your mining technology.” The stones would fall on the floor where another ‘creature’ would fill baskets and tote the ore to the entrance of the shaft and be levitated up to the surface. Once on the surface the ore was conveyed / levitated to the upper layer where it could be transported away..

I was curious about the human creatures so the foreman explained what he knew. “This is completely about mining. Adam’s calendar is all about the creation of the creatures (what you are calling slaves). The creatures are situated here once they are grown and trained”. The foreman explained that they were fed a vegetarian diet, housed in temporary structures that were easily assembled and re-assembled, “as we moved them in camps”

He offered further information, “We only worked in the dry, we didn’t work in the wet. A good mine could go for 30-40 yrs. An average mine produced good amounts of gold for about 20 … when the veins become too thin we stop”.

We spoke about a few other things. I didn’t think to ask about how the lateral tunnels were created off the central shaft and I neglected to ask about their purpose for the gold or where they were from or where the gold was being transported to. Next time!

The foreman wanted me to know that the energy from these circles could still be gathered and used, “even the faint energy now”. He went on to explain, “You’d have to erect a tower about 1000 feet to gather the energy layer. It’s a pretty thick layer about 50 ft thick. It can produce grounded electricity.”

Our conversation was drawing to a close. My mind was feeling quite full. This was a lot of information for someone completely new to the concept of aliens visiting the earth for industrial purposes. We would be seeing other circles so I decided to conclude our chat, digest this information and then chat with other spirits at other circles.

Were all of the circles for energy generation?…

Michael later explained that he could show me the honeycomb structures that were for human creature gestation.

What do I make of all this? The Anunnaki were here they were tall, and they were mining gold to take off the planet with the assistance of a human like creature that they engineered.

This visit with another dimension was all about the mining.

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