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My Annunaki vision quest

Encounters of a site whisperer

By John Paul Fischbach, Eagle Heart

In January of 2018 I was part of Michael Tellinger’s first research group to explore the stone circles. Toward the end of our month of exploration I felt drawn to go on a vision quest. In my shamanic tradition this meant spending three days and nights alone fasting and praying. The site I was drawn to is what we call the ‘Welcome circle’.

This is a grouping of circles on a hill top overlooking all of the Annunaki creations in the surrounding areas.

This site was a powerful channeling spot where I received many messages from the Annunaki builders.

I was guided by spirit to pitch my tent at the apex of the two joined circles.

I knew that the electromagnetic frequencies of the circles was strong, perhaps too strong to spend three days in that energy, but I was assured by my guides that all would be fine. I set my sacred space, did my cleansing rituals and prepared to do some site-whispering and meet the spirits of the place.

After wandering the site, I felt very tired and thought I’d have a little nap. I remember feeling lightheaded and then I passed out. 13 hours later I awoke to see / feel four Annunaki spirits hovering outside my tent. “You said you wanted to chat. Well we are here.”

For the next two days and nights I was shown things, had things explained and was taught how we might use the power of these circles.

What I’ve written here is what I could capture by voice memo and notes in a journal. As you read this report it will become difficult to distinguish which of the four guides is speaking to me. They morphed and moved in and out of frequency. I wasn’t exactly sure who was who most of the time.

I was guided to one particular circle that was used to stabilise DNA modifications of plants.

I was invited to tap the stones in search of some that ring. Occasionally we would come across a stone that rang like a bell, but in this circle, the majority of the stones rang.

It was explained to me that these particular frequencies along with sunlight and water created the power to stabilize their scientific procedures and it will do the same for us.

An Annunaki apology

I returned to my tent and these guides asked if they might start off our conversation with what felt like a prepared statement. I reached for my phone to record their statement.

“We apologize to Gaia and to the people of the earth for our intervention. We like you our creatures saw an opportunity and we exploited it. We were on the verge of extinction, and the gold on this planet would save us. We came and we plundered. We saw the potential of this place and we exploited it. We changed the atmosphere. We created a species. Both of which were gross interventions. We don't know what would have happened had we not intervened.

The changes we made have changed the course of this planet.

We accept our responsibility for this action, and for the encouragement of other races to come and follow in our footsteps. And for that, we owe a debt. We ask that you, our creatures, who were created in our likeness, and with so much of our personality, to understand that you have done and would do the same. To say that our actions were just human is something you might understand. To say that it was human nature to see a golden opportunity and exploit it for our own benefit.

These circles that we left can generate enough electricity to power your world if you decide to continue with electrical energy.

You have an incredibly beautiful planet here. Understand that she is a living being, different than other planets. Our wish for you is to work with her and not as we did, exploit her. Work and balance with her. For the good of all. We introduced to the rest of the universe that anyone could come here and would be allowed to exploit, plunder, and create your own world. And because we told others, that's what happened. Others did come and do that. We wish now in hindsight that better protection for this planet would have been put in place and she would be allowed to evolve and grow and nurture in peace and in love. We can't undo the past, and perhaps it is not the destiny to undo the past but to go forward with knowledge of the past.

Exploiting the planet leads to nothing of benefit and nothing that is fruitful. Exploiting this planet encourages the ego. The hope of this planet is for souls to come and learn the lesson of unconditional love to absorb, to transmute, and to give back. Souls may come here for as many cycles as is required...until that soul becomes a creator in its own right. This is and perhaps always was the destiny of this planet. Our interruption means that we will never know for sure what would have happened here.

I ask that you understand and that you forgave our intervention and that you embraced this bravely with determination...to find a new path in partnership with Gaia herself.

Use these stone circles as a museum of past exploitation...as a living reminder and proof of our intervention and of the intervention of many alien races who have come to this planet to exploit it and create their own world.

This is evidence for our world. We created an entire world here. We altered nature.

Learn from this history. The power of these stones is great. The concentration and circle of these stones...creates an electromagnetic field that can alter nature.”

Another guide took over, “You could if you wanted, lay these stones around a body which would give you access to making changes to that body through intention or through the introduction of other resonances.”

The original speaker continued, “We ask not only for forgiveness but for understanding, we were swept up in the excitement of being able to do whatever we needed, whatever we wanted, and whatever we could in this place. Because that is what can happen in this place, anything can be manifest here. Gaia accepts all, absorbs, transforms, transmutes and gives back.

This is a place for creation, this is a creation planet. This planet teaches creators because they can manifest things here. The variety of species is because that can happen here. We kept this place secret even from our own people, to come and do experiments and try things and create things. These circles here were labs of creation.

You can appreciate the excitement of being able to create. That was the excitement that we had.

You could come here and create a model, create a being out of clay and here on this planet you could breathe life into it, and it would survive and sustain. You could design flowers, birds, insects. You could modify and be creative. And once the form was created Gaia accepted the form, and the form was able to propagate.

You yourselves are creating new forms, your forms of AI will be accepted and will be allowed to propagate here. It is yet another new creation, yet another new species. The reset, the 25,000-year reset, now takes care of things from hurting or destroying this beautiful planet. The reset was not in place when we were here. You owe your existence to the fact that the reset was not in place when we were here.”

A third guide spoke up, “You know that what we have done in allowing so many of you to be on this planet has led to the inevitable control of cities. We beg you to abandon your cities. The resonant vibration of cities is not conducive to living in harmony and in oneness with Gaia. Return to small communities living in harmony and in balance.

Five thousand is the tipping point for a community. Learn from nature, not from science. Follow Claire's work in biomimicry. That brings you in partnership and in service of Gaia's future and Gaia's direction. The patterns of nature are sustainable, the patterns of your ego and your science lead to annihilation. The current reset is being held off because there are many of you that would like to follow this natural path in harmony with Gaia. And so as you would say, a state of execution has been given.

If the harvest is required, you will be relocated. Your souls will be relocated to another planet where you may continue, while this planet goes through a reset. It will not be safe for you to return to this planet following a reset or a period of 3000 to 5000 years.

The Ant People and the Middle Earth People survive the reset so as to maintain the wisdom of this planet, and the history of this planet, and the knowledge of this planet. It also helps to speed up the repopulation of this planet with the sustainable species.

Our structures and these stones survive the reset but the power of these stones has diminished greatly from when these places were first constructed. The radiation of the reset alters the effectiveness of these stones, the ones that were brought to the surface, the ones that were exposed on the surface. Stones that are being revealed on that hillside that have been buried are stronger than these stones.

The stones that are in rivers are stronger than these stones, these circles are still very powerful because of the concentration. The mass of these stones is what gives them their power, but for your work, if you were to create a healing chamber, this could be done with stones that have not been exposed to the surface radiation from the resets.

The first speaker seemed to want to wrap things up, “Thank you, for coming with an open heart and an open mind to listen to us. Thank you, for understanding and having compassion for us. I hope that we have been of help to you.

But another guide had more to say, “We have created in you desire and ego, that comes from us. We would implore you to honour sustainability above innovation. Honour partnership and collaboration over control and domination. Those are qualities of ours. The skills we gave you for domination and control have allowed you to build these cities and allowed you to move in this particular direction. We see now that our ego fed that. Our hope for you is that you turn away from domination and control and look for partnership, cooperation, and sustainability above all.

Perhaps we have grown and matured because of this experience. Perhaps there is a bigger contract between you and us that is playing out. There's some greater design and greater destiny. But now if I may say, our children, there is much to be learned by our past and our actions.

And we are grateful that we can have this counsel with you at this time.”

The apology seemed to be over and they turned to me with an energy of …”ok, your turn now” so I started with some practical questions about how this site-whisper interaction was going to work for the next few days and nights.

I felt that I had to explain that I would need to rest, sleep and occasionally move away to pee. They said that they were here for the duration and would just be ‘hanging out’. If I needed to leave they would wait here at the circles. Right! So I was going to spend the next two days and nights with four Annunaki spirits. I wish I had prepared some questions.

There were many interactions and conversations across the next two days and nights. I was not able to record or take notes of every exchange. What follows are a few exchanges that I did manage to record and then transcribe.

The circle in operation

I asked the Annunaki spirits if I could see this circle in operation. Time shifted and I saw all the smaller circles as labs with Annunaki busily flying around performing various tasks. They were standing on small silver mats that seemed to work like small flying carpets. This sci-fi image was later corroborated by Credo Mutwa in his book; Indaba, My Children.

It was loud, all of the smaller internal circles were pulsing various tones. It was noisy but all the tones blended together harmoniously.

My guides continued our conversation whilst the workers went about their typical day in this plant modification circle.

One of the guides explained, “The circles create a large column of energy of a particular frequency, which means that whatever we create in those smaller aquarium-like inner columns, the earth will accept. So if we're creating plant life, creating species, anything we create in those chamber-like test tubes, will be accepted by the earth because it is earth’s energy and earth’s frequency that is imbued in the creation.”

“The labs are adjusted at different heights depending on the intensity of the earth energy that is required. Some have rounded bottoms and some have completely flat bottoms. They have a particular quality of liquid, which is mostly water. We can move quickly in and around them at height to extract or place items in the water. When they are complete or close to completion, we extract the plant and bring it down to the surface, which is why you see some of us on the surface now.”

“Most of us are working between the ship and these circles. We are modifying plant products here. Over there (gesturing to the large circle to our right) we are modifying the creature. We also use these frequencies and labs to modify ourselves. What you are seeing here is very similar genetic modification to what you now do with plants and are starting to do with animals.”

“We isolate the quality we want or manufacture the quality we want to extract or modify. Once the cells that we want to alter are in suspension, they clone easily and then they grow to maturity with the help from the frequency of the stones.” “Because we reduced gravity, we move around these circles by picking a target and then allowing ourselves to be drawn to that target at different heights. We connect to the frequency of the target and are drawn to the target. We're able to hover once we align with that frequency.”

I noticed some of the workers moving a large column of water with cone tools. “The cone tools are built in pairs. They won't work for you individually, but if you find a true pair, they will still work. Tools of manifestation and creation. We shaped these cone tools of earth substances because what we were creating needed to work on the earth. We have different cone tools for the work we do that doesn't relate to this earth. “

I spend some time just watching this circle with people buzzing around, working on things, extracting things, sometimes coming down and resting on the earth for conversation.

“The fine detail work was always done on the ships. You can think of these circles here as where we did transference and development of species, in this case, plants.” I watched as the workers continued to remove the liquid from one of the small circles. There seemed to be a force field or some sort of a membrane that held the liquid. It kind of looked like giant condoms except with a little more rigidity.

“When the project is finished or the project is a failure, this liquid is transferred. It is pulled directly up out of the field of the circle and transferred over to the waste area where it is brought close to the earth, sliced open, and drained. The membrane is repaired, is left to dry. Sunlight cleanses and changes it as well, and can then be reused.”

I asked if there's ever been accident and they said, "Of course, there's been leakage, there's been contamination, all of that has happened." “The critical quality of these circles it that it slows metabolism down so that we can manipulate with greater success.” My guides drew me close to the now empty lab circle and explained, “Once the circle is activated, we attach a pulsing tone. The earth will continue to supply this frequency if something is drawing it, so we identify and create the frequency that draws this particular energy. The frequency is sustained by the ringing stones tuned to that frequency.”

“The energy field extends 2 to 3 meters outside the walls. With the weakening of the circles as you see them now, the energy field is maybe a meter to a meter and a half outside the wall. If you're going to do healing work like you do, you must be within that field to make use of these frequencies.”

As we walked back to the area of my tent, my focus was drawn to devices that were attached to the stones of this circle. “When we exited, we removed all of our devices, all of our resonators. You can still see evidence of the attachments points of our devices, but all of our devices have been removed. It is possible there are some devices that have mistakenly been left here, but presumably, they will have decayed by now. Metal and metal alloys will decay and rust and oxidize, stone does not. When we removed our pulsing devices, the stone circles relax in the energy that they pull, and they return to this lower vibrational state where you feel them now.”

Sitting once again at my tent site I could hear the harmonious tones being pulsed and generated from the various ‘labs’ as well as what seemed to be the tone of the entire circle.

“The ringing stones have been tuned. They carry specific parts of the bandwidth of the energy of the circle. This particular frequency is transmuted by the crystalline form of the stone held in the circle by the connection to the other stones that inscribe the circle.”

“There is a team that tunes the circles. If there is a gap in the energy field, ringing stones are tuned and placed in the gaps to encourage and strengthen the energy at that particular location.”

I looked across the way at the other circles in the far distance, and my guides explained, “Some circles produce an energy field to just hold the atmosphere and the reduced gravity (antigravity?...it's not antigravity just reduced) in place, and some circles, like this one, hold laboratories for the propagation and creation of plant life to feed the creatures and the creatures.”

I looked over to my right to the other circle that contained the labs for work on the human creature. Another of my guides started to explain, “Eggs for creatures were created there, initially fertilised at Adam's Calendar but after a while, that was no longer required after. Initially, we needed the strength of the hematite to stabilise the fertilisation and make it successful. We improved this technology and now this circle and several others produce successful fertilised eggs which can be implanted successfully or grown as clones.”

“The process of artificial cloning was much faster than the nine-month gestation period, but the bonding with the earth was less successful, and the lifespan of the creatures was less. We could develop them to a workable age faster, but they didn't last as long.”

“The workforce we created numbered in the tens of thousands. At the completion of the usefulness of the creature, the body was reconstituted, used to fertilise fields. All parts were reconstituted. There were the occasional escapees, runaways. Their skeletal remains, some of which have been fossilised are able to be found. We were very diligent, and this rarely happened.”

We left the frequency of this working day and the scene shifted back to this time with these four Annunaki guides hovering in front of me as it was when first awoke.

They explained that I was ‘passed out’ for that length of time so they could adjust my metabolism to the frequencies of these circles and sustain three days and nights.

A different guide picked up on my curiosity about the time line of Annunaki visitations, “There was another active period which was managing this empire and trying to create an Annunaki Empire and trying to rule the planet. That period is much later than this. These stone circles were reactivated during this period but only for the purposes of growing plants and providing energy for ships.”

“The knowledge of gold mining continued through this empire period as well, and there was limited mining activity. You asked to see the time of the builders, so we're showing you the very beginnings of this project.”

“When we were complete with our collecting of gold, other races came to create their creatures. The stone circle technology is what makes it all work. A creature could be created, relocated to another part of the earth, and other stone circles could be created to generate the electromagnetic field which would make the creature connect and be successful on that part of the earth.”

Another of the guides summed it up by saying, “Circular structures placed on the earth will always do that. Connect the creature, connect a being with the life force of the earth of at that location.”

At this point I needed a bit of a break. It was a lot of information to take in and process. Luckily I was able to record this channeling. I thanked them for all the information and took my leave. I went over to the shade of some trees and had a siesta.

Homesick Hill

After my rest I walked back to my tent via ‘homesick hill’. During previous site-whisper channelings other Annunaki crew members explained to me that this hill was a place for the Annunaki to rest and connect with home. I’d experienced many Annunaki here before. My guides today explained that this was a long journey and this mission would keep them here for a long time and that some would not be making a return voyage. Just like us, they felt the distance from home and family. The used this place and the ringing frequencies of these larger stones to connect back with ‘home’. This hill is away from the ringing din of the stone frequencies of the labs. On this hill are many large ringing stones with a very deep tone. They explained that this frequency calms the heart and will do the same for us. (I’ve managed to make some awesome recordings of these tones.)

I made myself comfortable on a stone slab and asked if anyone wanted to share any information. A young boy came forward and said, "I have stowed away. I lied to get on this expedition. The stories of this planet are amazing. I had dreams about this place, so I wanted to come and see it. So, I lied about my age. I'm general staff and given various assignments, assisting."

"Okay. Tell me what you did yesterday." I enquired as a way to kick off our conversation.

"Yesterday, I checked all our food supplies to see if any of them had spoiled. Then I removed that which had spoiled, or fermented. They're kept in containers that are a very low temperature, like your refrigerator. I updated our records. I checked the number and the date and recorded whether it was fresh or spoiled on this glass tablet, it looks a bit like your iPad. It's a sheet of crystal /glass that works with our thoughts. Thoughts come off of it and thoughts can go into it."

In an effort to encourage the conversational flow, I asked, "And what did you do the day before that?"

"I recorded measurements of the concentration of elements in water that was going to be used for holding and developing embryos."

At this point another crew member comes forward. "I am the oldest crew member. This is my second expedition to this... to Earth. The biggest changes from my first expedition to this one, are the pathways of water, natural occurring water. As Gaia shifts, land masses change shape, and where there once was water there is no water this time.”

There was definitely a feeling of the Annunaki crew being less formal, more relaxed over here on Homesick Hill. I looked around to see small groups in what seemed like conversation, although no audible words were being spoken. I looked back to the senior crew member who’d just spoken and he continued, “I have strong opinions about the creation of the creature. I think it is too similar to us. I think it has...too much genetic potential. But there is a great fever to create this creature. So, we all stand by and watch its development. He paused and seemed to be reflecting or remembering, “We have used the taller ones for mining before...they are now too expensive. And that's created the drive to make the creature. He paused again, There are 8,000 of us at the present time working in various circles.”

I looked over at the crews flying around the various ‘labs’ in the two circles near my tent. He went on, “We rarely sleep as you do. We take small naps to reestablish our energy. Short periods of quiet where we leave the body to recuperate.”

I could feel an emotional shift in our connection, more trusting, more friendly. “There is so much variety on this planet. I hope that on this expedition I get the chance to travel just to look at the beauty and the variety. It is mammoth in its proportions. You can feel the life force in every living thing."

After a brief pause he asks me, "Why are you so curious about us?"

And I answer, "I'm trying to find out how we came to be, and what the purpose of these stone circles are, and why they are so many."

He replied, "I hope you've gotten good answers. It is a complex question over many, many years." He rose and moved away from where I was sitting.

Healing Chamber of our own

When I got back to the four Annunaki guides near my tent, I asked them to tell me more about how we could use these stones and these frequencies. In the initial ‘apology’ they mentioned that we could create a healing chamber with these stones so I pursued that idea.

One of the guides who hadn’t spoken before said, “I’d suggest gathering 12 stones and placing them in a circle (large enough to lay a body inside). At least 6 of the stones need to be ones that ring. The process works best with a combination of the ringing stones and non-ringing stones. The non-ringing ones ground the energy into the earth.”

Another guide interjected, “Ringing stones marrying with what's above, non-ringing stones marrying with that which is below.”

The first speaker continued, “Activating the circle is done by simply striking the ringing stones.”

A third guide chimed in, “If you wanted to create a space for the healing of one of your bodies, make an oval of crushed milk quartz rocks about 8 inches thick. Lay the 12 stones on that bed of quartz. Fill in between the stones so that there are no gaps between the stones.”

The initial guide carried on, “This creates a healing chamber that will slow the body down so that you can then make changes to the DNA, the mitochondria, and give new instructions to cells. You do this through your intention for the addition of new frequencies.” They went on, “The stones are programmable. When you create the healing circle, you will create a shared frequency between the stones. They will all begin to work together. As you use the healing chamber, the energy will grow and grow.”

Another guide offered the following, “For example, if you lay a body in there and you use the body tuners you have, (my solfeggio tuning forks) those frequencies will be absorbed at a rate close to 100%.” The guide clarified, “as opposed to using them now, without this support, you only achieve an adjustment of between 30% and 40%.”

I’m excited to create this chamber back at Sone Circle and start to work with the healing frequencies of these ringing stones.

The Female Circle

Our typical approach to these circles from the road passed a circle that has been altered by other cultures. One member of our research team felt that it was a circle of the ‘high priestess’. I did not pick up any high priestess vibe but I did feel strong female energy. I asked about this circle.

My guided confirmed that it was definitely female energy. It was where they perfected the female ‘creature’. “We explored a hermaphroditic creature for quite a long time. Cloning was difficult, the life span was short. The results were not always stable hermaphrodite creature would mutate and distort far too easily. So we made the decision to create the two genders as a more sustainable method of propagating the species.”

The guides explained that this circle was where the perfecting of the female happened. “This was where the engineering work was carried out, to figure out the female of the creature, to understand and develop of the cycles, rhythms, and the menstruation process, so that the female could cleanse and renew herself.”

As I stood looking at the circle as it was in their time (not as it is now) I saw circles within the larger circumference of an external wall. There were what appeared to me to be fully formed female bodies floating in solution. In other labs there were small perhaps even microscopic experiments taking place. Again, samples floating in a water like substance. In one ‘lab’ the suspended water had what looked like layers of experiments. I watched crew members draw out items, make adjustments and replace the samples.

My guides continued, “Once we created the menstruating female, the creature was stabilised. It also made it easier for us to make any genetic modifications required, as we worked with the mitochondrial DNA on the female side.”

They explained that once the female was stabilised, this lab was only used occasionally for mitochondrial adjustments.

I was (and still am confused about the time line of the Annunaki work here) My guides told me, “These labs were not used during Enki’s period. Toward the end of our time here, we were forbidden from continuing to experiment with the creature. At the point that the human was given dominance on the planet, all races were forbidden from doing any further genetic modifications.”

It was previously explained to me that the perfection of ‘the creature’ took many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years. Once ‘the creature’ could reproduce they left the creature to evolve for hundreds of years with occasional adjustments. They also explained that once word spread about the successful creation of ‘the creature’ many other alien races came to earth to make their own hybrid using the Annunaki created stock.

I found the conversations about the creation of humans to be uncomfortable. They sensed my discomfort and we ended this chat.

Risk Mitigation Circle

Just to the left of my tent was another circle with a unique structure. It was a single circle about 8m in diameter but surrounded by a double wall. I felt that this circle was clearly ‘off to the side’ for some reason.

My guides explained this circle, “this circle was for toxic or volatile substances, it was the dangerous lab. It was outside of these main circles so that if anything burst or reacted badly, it wouldn't damage or contaminate the rest of the work in the other circles. You'll notice the double wall of insulation.”

They went on, “The work in this circle was part of the first labs. This was where we perfected the liquid that would soften and melt stone.”

Another guide explained, “Part of the gold extraction project involved engineering different methods of extracting the ore, one of which was to soften the stone and collect the pooled gold. This method proved too toxic for the creatures. It was however an excellent method of tunneling because it dissolved stone. We left the dissolved stone, and the earth absorbed it, transmuted it we came back and use the tunnels, after many thousands of years.”

The initial guide summed up explaining this double-walled adjacent circle, “Once the more dangerous or toxic substances were perfected, many of the large labs and mining circles created double-walled labs like this to produce and contain their toxic materials.”

Water Management Circles

This conversation about toxic substances led to a conversation about the modified water that I saw suspended in the circles. They explained that it wasn’t toxic but it was significantly altered. The magic formula of sound frequency, sunlight and water required various alterations to the water. They explained that the atomic weight of the water was altered to suit holding different materials and experiments in suspension, accelerating processes as well as purifying and altering materials.

They explained that the two circles on the next hill were where they managed the water they needed.

One of the guides explained that in their time the valley was a large reservoir. “The higher circle took water from the inland sea and vaporised it to create humidity. We could create a moister climate that we could spread across this whole area and make it all really, really damp and humid or we could have less. From that circle we could control the air moisture mix.”

This guide also explained that it was in this circle that water was altered for specific experiments and procedures. He explained that once the water was created in this circle it could be held inside the circle in suspension and then transported to the lab that had ‘placed the order’. “This water was molecularly altered and needed to be contained. These walls were thickened and much taller than what you see now, so that any water that seeped through would be filtered safe.” He added, “The particular frequencies of the stones both holds the water in palace and also returns it to its natural state should there be any spills or leaks.”

It was explained to me that the upper circle was where water was sourced and that the lower circle was where the waste water was purified. I looked over at the lower circle and one of the guides started to explain what I was looking at. “This was the waste-water place. It was where the used water, which isn't necessarily contaminated but is altered in certain ways, was put in order to filter down and titrate back into the reservoir.”

At this point my guide seemed to be more serious and earnest. He wanted to stress that this was a well-considered and well executed plan. “Water was generated, vaporised, for various purposes in that circle, and then used water put into this circle.”

Another guide joined in, “Quite often you will see that there's one circle that's used to generate stuff and then there's another circle that's used to deal with the by-products of that stuff. We always worked in complete systems. We weren't all bad and we weren't all just taking advantage of this planet and leaving waste…. like I gather your civilisation is doing now.”

The conversation moved over to the topic of the water and one of the guides suggested that I could work with the frequencies of these circles by encoding the frequency held by the stones into water. “If you want work with the frequency of a particular circle, you could put water just inside the outer walls of the various chambers, and the circle will alter that water to that particular frequency. Sunlight will activate that water. It will be best for external use. It might be too strong, even in your present time to be taken internally."

We spoke about the different frequencies of the various circles within the large circle to my right (the human DNA labs). “The frequencies of those circles will make your physiology more efficient. Each circle was where we conducted modifications for individual organs, tissues or systems. When you are physically near the circles, the magnetic field will make the metals circulating in your blood more active. You will be able to cleanse your own system. If you gathered altered water it will support this too.”

Another Guide clarified, “If you use the frequencies of those circles, you will have to be careful and control your body temperature. If your bodies become too warm, then your fluids become too thin and the effects of the frequency either won’t hold or will spread too quickly. When your body sweats you leech the water you should be absorbing. ”

Annunaki life on Earth

We talked about so many things over these days and nights. At some point I asked them about their mission, and how they maintained their lives here.

They explained that due to their size the stone frequencies didn’t affect their physiology adversely. They also worked in shifts and in teams so exposure was limited. They also explained that the crew was prepared for missions of long duration. “We had to prepare that this might be a place where we were going to have to live out our lives. Anything could've gone wrong with any mission and we had to make sure that this place would support us and sustain us if that was required.”

“Our first missions created atmospheres that we could tolerate. These circles were constructed only after we had stabilised the environmental conditions.”

I asked about their diet and they told me, “We grew our own food here, in many of the terraces around. Some of the plant forms that are still here are evolutionary descendants of those same plants.”

I asked, “So were you vegetarians?”

My guide answered, “Well not exactly in your sense of what that means." He said, "Our diet was mostly vegetative but it wasn't exclusively as we didn't eat very frequently. We processed the food and made it into brick shapes. It looks like, what I can see in your library you refer to as, tofu. We synthesised our food and made it into that shape. That shape was easy to pack and travel with. This way we always had a good nutrient food source. One brick equals one portion."

One of them also explained, “Eating was just to balance minerals and nutrients.”

Space Travel

I recall that in one of our last conversations I asked about their ships and how they travelled through space. My four guides were not knowledgeable about this topic so they told me to go over to homesick hill and they would try and find an engineer who would be better equipped to talk with me about space travel.

When I got to the hill I met up a spirt who said that he was a trainee engineer. “I'm like a trainee in the engineering part of operating the ship. The people that are really in charge never ever come down to the ground.”

Why not?

“Because if anything should malfunction on the ship they have to be able to fix it, repair it. Also, they're a slightly separate species because they have to be able to extend their body and change their body shape to be able to go into compartments or into...between things, so they're not in hard physical form like I am, that's why I'm like an assistant.”

What do your ships look like?

“A triangular shape with a round nose. That shape allows the movement between magnetic pulses to not have any friction. When you go between layers... we move between...

I offered the word, Dimensions? But I was corrected, “No, there's layers of magnetic waves, and they're striated. We move in between those layers. So that's the best shape for moving in between layers. When we travel a distance to a location, we go between layers. Think of it like frequencies, stacked frequencies, but there is a gap of emptiness between layers and that's where we travel, between the lighter frequency layers. You can't fly in the thick. Flying in the thick would be to you like swimming upstream, too much friction.”

So what are frequencies caused by? Is the ship generating these frequencies?

“Naturally occurring in the universe.”

So does the ship interact electromagnetically?

“The ship doesn't interact but it has a…so it has a charge on the top and it..(he corrects this communication and clarifies) it's not the top, but this surface has one charge and that surface has another charge.”

And is that an electrical charge or a magnetic charge?

“Magnetic charge with a specific resonance. It is an organic skin sort of like the metals you make here. We combine elements to create the skin of our ships. They form a very hard and protective layer but it has no weight. We create the shape and the metal like skin conforms to that shape.” He wanted to clarify that it is nothing like our use of metals. As he looked through my mental library of metals and responded, “We don't have welding or any of that, we don't do any of the things like that. No rivets, no welding, we don't lap our metals.”

I was curious if we could travel like them.

"You can mimic our traveling and send your consciousness between layers. Absolutely, no problem. But to send yourself physically, you can't. You can't." He said that we are too dense. Everything here is too heavy, too dense. “This is...oh, I'm sorry. . .This is the ‘come to place’ not a ‘go from place’."

"If we came back you would be able to get on our ship and we could put you in a pliable physical and mental state and take you with us, that we can do."

The young trainee then commented on this planet of ours we call Earth, "You do realise what a beautiful place you live in? There is no place like this anywhere in the universe. No place that is this beautiful and this magnificent."

“When I go home I will be seen as a rock star because I've been to this magical place that only has stories about it, this paradise place.”

We paused and looked around at the other Annunaki who were here at Homesick Hill. As I looked around I counted 14. My guide said, “They like to come at this time, what you call night, they stay here to cleanse the sadness and the longing. When it’s dark they watch the stars and connect to home”

I had a feeling that my sense of day and night was not the same for their sense of time. He tried to access my concept of time and offered this explanation. “What you experience as a work day (8 hrs) for us would be three of your days. The switching of ‘day and night’ is helpful for the work in these labs.”

“There's talk that we're going to settle here or make this a permanent encampment, which is why there are so many people here tonight. And actually some of these are new, they just arrived and there are also some that are sad about never going back home.”

On the topic of never going back I asked about crashes. My trainee had heard stories of crashes. He clarified, “Ships didn't ever touch the ground. Ships only docked at the level of the top of the circles and then individuals came down, not the entire ship. But there are stories of ships that have crashed in this area.”

"There are periods of time when great expeditions come here. All the circles are activated and a lot's going on. They do some work, then we go back home and then much, much later another expedition will come. There have been many expeditions. I’ve heard stories of crashes, from earlier expeditions, there isn't a story of a crash on this particular expedition."

I asked, “When they were here, what did you use to travel around this world? Those same ships or did you have other ships for shorter distance journeys? I pulled forward images of shuttle craft from various film and TV references.

“No, we didn't have anything like what you are showing me in your mind, like little shuttle crafts. No, we didn't have any of that. We would come as a unit to a particular location and that was our destination.

I wanted to clarify, “So there wasn't a lot of movement from here to different places? Travel between circles?

“We are always a self-contained unit. All of us that came to this particular...for what you see around you now, was one group. We know that there are other groups, but we don't really exchange... from time to time, one of the big ships would come and pick up people from here and take them somewhere”

I was getting tired so I drew our conversation to a close. As we wrapped things up he explained a bit about how they travel.

“Every destination has a specific electromagnetic frequency we use this as an address to draw ourselves and our ship to that location. I’ve heard of travelling without destination. It is like holding on the edge of a frequency and drifting along its boundary, but I’ve never experienced it.”

As I pondered the information that the ships never landed on the surface yet people came down…. and the flying around the labs…He confirmed what I had been told earlier about mining operations and how they created a gravity free area to extract the ore and send it away for refining. “We change the ground frequency from 7 hertz to significantly higher. We mark out an area so that we change the frequency of just that ground, alter the magnetic strength. . .the earth frequency, you change it in that one place, and then you seal the sides with light, the curtains of light.”

I don't know what that is, but he showed me a picture of a large area with a stone circle inside of it and curtains of light around the perimeter of the circle and also around the wider circumference, like the aurora borealis I’ve seen many times in Canada.

“And then everything inside that is free to lift, but we have to draw it to the top. We concentrate the energy at the top to pull it up. That makes everything float and then we pull it up to the top. So it's like we reverse the magnetic field.”

All right, that's enough brain power for me for one night. So, thank you, unless you've got anything else to add.

“It's very hard so I'll do my best to say all this. It's very hard to move your physical self. That is very, very hard. It will not be hard to move your consciousness fluidly and easily. You could bilocate and go anywhere you wanted to go. That you can achieve. Because that's about understanding the frequency and finding the weaker spot in between the layers of here and there. And you could sail along that frequency for as far as you wanted, as fast as you wanted, that's easy to do. Trying to move yourself physically is not possible because you would have to create a ship that could maintain your physiology as a frequency.”

“That's the hard part. Getting the ship to travel between layers of frequency may not be so hard. Getting a ship that could contain your physiology would be very difficult. You were built on this planet for this planet. You were not built...you don't have that kind of flexible physiology.”

“Maybe I can help you travel as consciousness, as frequency."

I said, “Yes please.”

“When there's lightning, move in-between the lightning bursts... so you know that lightning creates a pulse that comes from a particular source. Where the lightning is, is the strongest and densest part of that frequency. You would never travel in the lightning, but you know that the electromagnetic field around the lightning discharge dissipates, if you can find the edge of that, that's where you can travel.”

“Take your consciousness and the intention - the address of the frequency you wish to travel to, then latch on to the edge of the lightening. Focus only on the frequency of your intended destination and travel smoothly. If you try to travel in the energy of the lightening burst, it's harder.”

“Or, if you're taking the tone of a particular rock, for example, it's hard to travel using that tone, but the edges of that tone is where you can hook on.”

“Practice to alter your brain waves to stay steady and consistent for a period of time (because your brain activity will move you off that focus). You have to be congruent in bringing the frequency address to your present. Every destination has an electromagnetic signature and that signature is the address of your destination. You can learn to focus on that signature.”

I’m certain that I do not have enough knowledge of physics to make immediate use of this information… but it’s definitely something to work on.

I’m thrilled that I have the ability to site-whisper. It is also thrilling when I come across books or other channelers who confirm the information I’ve received. I’m working on brining all the site-whisperings of the Annunaki in South Africa together into one volume. Stay tuned….

John Paul Eagle Heart

February 2018

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