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Rhoda's plant teachers

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

These notes are from my cleanse experience with Rhoda, Tanitchkha & Patrick… October 2019.

Over 7 days I was treated to the most magical and potent plant teachers who cleared my body, mind and my emotions. This cleansing went hand in heart with Rhoda, Tanitchkha and Patrick pouring vast amounts of unconditional love into me.

As I ingested each plant medicine, I was able to connect with the consciousness of each of these amazing teachers. Each one was eager to explain how they work and help me to understand how they work together. – John Paul Eagleheart

Why Plant Teachers

The story of how and why, Plant Teachers, came here. “We are a consciousness just like you are a consciousness. We exist to support and help. And so we find ways to support and help. We witnessed the decision to leave the human species alone. And before all alien races, teachers and programmers were removed from the planet, we quickly seeded the planet with various plant teacher consciousness that would help you to see your true self, see the true potential genetic potential of the self.”Cannabis oil

Cannabis Oil:

Cool teachings from the cannabis oil. “I go in and we make every cell happy.” It goes in and it surrounds the cell with something like a band or it might have been a complete wrap. Whatever it is she puts it around every cell. This makes the cell willing, makes the cell pliable, makes the cell able to receive love.

And then another thing that it does is help the cell. It's like a controller. So, for example, if you or a plant teacher wants to reach the red blood cells, ask cannabis, “could you please get me the frequency of the red blood cells? Dial me to the frequency of all the red blood cells.” She will connect you.

“When we meet a cell, we introduce ourselves, we make an exchange, they get our frequency number and we get their frequency number. Then through our neural networks and our connectedness, a map gets made of resonating numbers. That's how we can target an organ, a system, a particular type of cell.”

Great. Now we want to give them the signal to eject any clogs, or anything. “We don't ever strip anything away. We encourage the cell to eject foreign substances as opposed to stripping them off. ‘Because if we strip it off, it'll just grow back. If the cell, learns to eject it, it will just keep rejecting it.”

Cannabis oil part two. “I am a familiar to Rhoda. I'm like her in the plant world. It's because I'm a familiar to her, We take instruction from her. “

Clever cartoon image of the parallel between what's happening this week and taking your car in for a complete tune-up and system check. Putting the patient up on the hoist and inserting the enema tube with all the plants standing around in coveralls waiting and watching to dive in and fix things. Cannabis said, "we are a completely wired up, connected network. More healers should use us."

Oh, another quick one. From cannabis, “We are consciousness in a 3-D body, just like you are.”


“We've come, we've awakened. Now we've answered the call. We're responding now because this generation is going to need inner strength. They're going to have to navigate this earth through a very delicate transition. They need to have inner strength to be able to do that.”

Then I said, “and how is it that you do that physically?”

“How do we do what physically? No, just kidding…..”

African Griffonia:

Up in the brain. “I'm the circuit maker.” I can see her reaching out lassoing one neural connection and hooking it up, casting out again, another connection, draw it close, hook it up. A beautiful very gymnastic arcing dance, swinging from one hook-up to the next like Spiderman swinging across neurons of the brain .

I asked, "how does this help you in being a detective working with Skeletium to remove things that don’t serve my highest good?” And it said, “well, that’s sort of a side job because if I'm going to be connecting circuits, I have to be able to spot instantly the right one and lasso it to the next right one. I’m very accurate. So, if I can find the two things that need to connect, I can easily find anything. Give me the specifications. And I can track it.” And then she added smugly, "some of us do multitask!" Meaning that they operate on two different parallel realities simultaneously.


African Griffonia knows Skeletium, the little succulent plant to restore you on your path of purpose. “If you were to serve the people, you would have this plant and you would use it in ceremony.”

Skeletium courses through the body and finds all the things that are holding you from your true purpose and removes them. It works best with African Griffonia to find the places that need clearing. It takes a very long time for it to go on its own, but when it works with African Griffonia it is much more efficient.

Skeletium is a plant teacher that removes thoughts, beliefs, energies, parasites, bacteria, anything that pulls you off your path. It felt masculine and shared this. “A brother lost his way and was separated from clan and tribe. I called out to him. He ate the dried withered branches and leaves and tendrils of me. You should even have me just growing nearby. My energy is strong. My voice is clear. You only need to ingest me when you've gotten yourself into trouble and have lost your way.”

I asked, "What can I do to help you do your work?" He answered, Gentle stretching and deep breathing.”

He went on, “I love working with the cannabis, because when I get to the cell, it's already been prepared and when I reach out to remove whatever is attached that needs to be removed, the cell just releases it, just pushes it into my hands.”


“There are always other dimensions. There are always other realities. When you're working with plant medicines, you always want to be able to access the alternate reality that most suits the purpose of the ceremony. We carry a temporary access pass, frequencies that connect you to alternate realities. We hold the codes and the keys into multiple dimensions and multiple realities.

When you connect with us, your needs, wants, desires, and learnings, form energy fibers or tendrils that tickle across our menu board of potential realities. And like a cosmic switchboard, those tendrils slide into holes in the menu board. When the pattern is complete and all tendrils are hooked in, the connection is made, and that image or vision or nature of reality, is shared with you.”

“Micro-dosing with us works because the reality that you want and need to access is just a slight lift from the reality that you're currently in.”

“If the reality that you seek requires healing, then we facilitate a reality shift. The dis-ease keeps you from accessing the reality that you desire or that is in your highest good.”

“I don't do the healing. I facilitate the healing. I call in help specific help.”

“I'm kind of a big deal because for humans, whatever it is you want, I can hook you up.”

Syrian Rue:

“I'm a master healer and we're also master chemists. We Spread through the body very quickly. Lighting up all those little filaments that we showed you that makes your light body. Next we separate the light body from the 3d body so that we can look at it. We stand back and we look at the light body.

Any place where there's dimness or the light is out, shows us where to fix. So the chemists go in and they adjust enzymes up or down. They just make all the adjustments needed until it glows brightly again. And once the whole body is bright and luminescent, then we turn up the whole light network, and turn it up and turn it up, and find a new set point of higher luminescence for you.”

Return of Syrian Rue on Day seven.

I asked if she was still around and she said, “Sure.” She came forward and I said, “I'd like to see what my luminous body looks like.” And she said, “well, I don't have enough energy to do any healing work, but I think I can do that, but I'll have to borrow energy from you.” I felt her travel around my body, she docked somewhere and I could just feel my energy being depleted by a certain amount, feeling a bit sunken in, a bit more tired.

Then she said, “great That's enough” She disconnected and sailed like a little submarine or something and brought up my luminous body. She scanned it and looked all over.

She looked very close to make sure that the dim spots were merely dim, not out. There were only just a couple of dim spots on my lower left. When she was finished examining my light body, she said, “Syrian Rue is proud to report, There are no filaments/ diodes, not emitting light. There are no dark spots. Not everything is at a hundred percent brightness, but every single point is emitting light.”

So that was pretty cool. I felt I got my certificate of successful cleanse from her. "great, happy to help, and good job." She was very complimentary and that was really nice. Then she said, “That energy's I took is not going to come back. It took that amount of energy to do the job, and there's no leftover to return. We're very efficient that way. We only take the energy that's required for the job. So sorry, you'll have to rebuild your energy back organically.”


“I keep you aligned to your ancestral path. I’m the steering alignment keeping you heading in the direction of fulfilling your destiny. I help you clear anything that draws you from the path of your soul.” It was like 10 years of therapy in one session. Sorting through files, images and video scenes to forgive, clear and discard… healing and clearing all that no longer serves.


Of the many things I released, parasites were the most interesting... Here is what I learned about these nasties.

No individual entities. They are a collective mind. They learn quickly how to keep us from achieving our potential, receiving joy and love, receiving money….Whatever method or habit keeps you blocked they learn to manipulate, replicate and enhance it. In my case, building negative thoughts and negative versions of possible futures. I saw that I become fascinated with these dark thoughts and the parasites keep me focused and they keep building the negative fantasies. They take all the light, love, joy to grow their collective colony.

Lion Medicine:

I’m including this because I got the rare treat of ending my 7 day cleanse at the neighbouring farm with 10 lions and 4 tigers. As I lay in bed these magnificent cats were only about 50 meters from me.

Every dawn and every sunset (and once in the middle of the night) all 14 roar together as a chorus of power. The act of roaring is filing their report. There are large cats on every continent. As guardians of their area, they file reports on balance of earth. Blockchain technology verifies every report.

Their medicine is: Absolute confidence. 0 doubt.

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