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Tree report post Solstice

Post Solstice report from Tim

“Tim reporting in for the trees.”

So I said, so what was it like for you guys?

“It was profoundly different for us. Immediately we got a strong wave that came back through the mycelium network through, into our roots. It was like a shockwave emanating from the earth into us through our roots. There was a realignment of the water. You would say a realignment of the water molecules. They came into greater coherence and we felt nourished, deeply nourished. Our roots were now connected to an energy source emanating up from the earth that is stronger and more nourishing than before.”

“The sunlight that hits our leaves is now easier to be decoded. The sunlight that hits our leaves now works instantly. We're able to work (photosynthesise) faster and more efficiently with this new light.”

Tim went on to speak about the ceremony I conducted at the request from him and his "sister" Sarah (an elm tree across the road in Fitzroy Garden)

Sorry I should explain that Tim reached out to me on the Monday morning to come and conduct a ceremony with him to connect to the energy of the solstice. When I got to the park there was a company picnic at the base of Tim. He suggested that I move the ceremony over to beneath Sarah (a “sister” elm to Tim) I set up beneath Sarah’s beautiful canopy and called in the directions. Immediately I felt that I was sitting in ceremony with many others. Through out the ceremony of connection to the energies of the solstice I burned various resins from all over the world. These beautiful resins were from trees in Peru, India, Ethiopia, Oman, Japan, Canada, New Mexico and they alternated with Canadian Cedar and resin from a special Cyprus here in Melbourne. I was facilitating a tree ceremony where by they were able to connect and call in all their brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles and ancestors. I could feel the energy of trees all over the world connecting with us and the new rainbow bridge being anchored at Uluru.

Right, back to Tim’s post Solstice report:

“Trees that didn't participate in the ceremony consciously. Now notice the difference and are now asking him if this was related to the ceremony of Monday. Those of us that took part in the ceremony you led have joined into a network and are now acting as energy nodes for everyone (all the trees) in the park. We are stronger and more alive.”

I asked about trees that did and didn't participate.

“Not everyone participated. He said, not everyone trusts humans, Sarah and I, and a couple of the others know you and trust you, but not everyone trusts people, humans. I would suggest that now many more trees will reach out to you to establish communication. We can definitely confirm that the water tastes different. The sun feels different. Something quite fundamental has shifted.”

I feel so honoured to have facilitated this ceremony of the trees. My friendship with Tim and Sarah deepens and indeed many more trees speak to me when I walk through Treasury Gardens.

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