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Cave access to the Heart of Gaia

JP & Mark’s adventure to Brittani Caves (near Warburton Victoria, Australia)

On the occasion of the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto and the opening of this star gate, we were guided to go to a special cave. In typical questing style we had to hunt around for this. We headed off in the wrong direction over very rough terrain until the path, or what we thought was a path, completely ended. At that moment the skies darkened and rain started. We made our way to the main road in time to be pelted with hail. We dried off in the car and drove down the road. About 50 meters from where we had parked there was a very noticeable entrance to the actual path. JP noticed this on the way up. Sprit pointed to this and JP ignored the message.

Very quickly we found the entrance to the cave which required us to slide down a 2 meter drop and slither through a tight gap in the rocks into a small chamber. We explored for a bit. We could hear rushing water below us. When we turned off our head-lamps we could see a constellation of glow worms above us. Closer examination revealed small clumps of dangling silver threads. These silken threads were strung with small beads of water.

The presence of energy here signalled JP to light some charcoal and perform a small ceremony of sage, cedar and copal. Mark’s gnome was present and brought several colleagues. Without much notice, Mark began to channel this elemental energy.

Speaker 1: Oh, you cannot go (ground/connect) deeply into the earth without a connection to your body. You will never feel at home and you will never be deeply connected into the blood and the roots of earth.

We come as elementals because we are masters of form, we create. We use elements and blueprints and we create perfection all in harmony and all working as one and for and around each other. Each of your bodies receives an elemental intelligence (at conception) for without an elemental intelligence, the molecules and atoms and elements and minerals would not be able to hold themselves together to create a physical body for you. It is the love and wisdom of the Guardian Angel, which encapsulates the physical form within a field that holds the blueprint, which allows for the spirit to incarnate and to absorb into physical matter. The Guardian Angel is what holds spirit light into physical form. At the time of passing the Guardian Angel releases her energy hold around the physical form and thus the spirit energy is released instantly, easily and effortlessly. The contract is released. You have been given an earth sleeve, an avatar that is able to plug into planetary and elemental group consciousness. There is so much that your physical bodies are able to access like a key into any element and into any natural form and intelligence.

This is something which you will grow into. We will assist you. Yet, it will take a massive planetary change in consciousness for humans to understand their real and deep connection through their bodies, through the natural landscape and the world around them. We elementals are speaking and we will become stronger because much needs to be shared and the time is now…….as it is always now.

JP: Where do elementals normally live or hang out?

Speaker 1: Elementals live in between the atoms, we live in between the vibrations of cells. Yet, many of us will congregate and concentrate our energies in certain focal points, of nature, of the planet because this is where it is an opening into accessing the Great Mother's life-force energy. We need this so that we can continue our work. That is why there many well known places on the planet where elemental and faerie activity is strong.

JP: Are you specific to this planet?

Speaker 1: We are because we are soul aspects of the great oversoul of Mother Earth.

JP: Do you connect to these particular granite rocks?

Speaker 1: (Mark speaking: Okay, I'm switching in between now with these other ones because that one was more larger scale than the ones who live specifically here, they are a lot smaller consciousnesses)

We choose crystalline structures as they hold energy and information much easier. So we create spaces for humans to experience and we create spaces so that a feeling of the connection to earth can be felt in a palpable way. We work through the intelligence which the granite and crystalline structures hold in this place as it allows for a free flow of energy lines, which we can communicate and move through with much ease.

JP: Are you individual consciousnesses or are you kind of a collective? So if we walked five km from here, would we tap into you or part of you?

Speaker 1: We are of a collective, meaning that we have access to collective and planetary communication and consciousness at any time, at any moment. Yet, we do individually anchor our energies in focal points at physical places on the planet. We either choose these places ourselves or we are given these assignments from our superior and more highly evolved elementals and Devas above us so yes, the ones you're speaking to here and now, we do anchor ourselves here in these rocks, in this space. Yet we are continuously accessing the greater elemental consciousness.

JP: What would be the greatest benefit for Mark and I to continue to tap into and communicate with elementals?

Speaker 1: Right now the earth elementals are at their strongest because as earth elementals, we are powering up because of this situation with the planet right now and the need to anchor and hold earth energy. The other elements have had their times but right now it is for each of you. If you are both to step into more of your role of why you have incarnated through his time specifically, there are things coming for each of you which you will only be able to handle in your electrical nervous systems if you can tap into and deeply ground more of your electrical energies. This is where we step forward. This is our specialty and this is what we know.

JP: In order for us to ground more efficiently. Do we need to be out in nature on the earth? Or can we do it remotely from our homes and apartments?

Speaker 1: We understand the lifestyle that each of you live, but yes of course when your flesh and bone connects to earth physically, a magnetic resonance is set up and an instantaneous energy exchange occurs. This is of great benefit. Yet, it is mostly experienced through the physical body and may not be something that you consciously register at that moment. It is like a check-in each time your physical body connects with natural earth forms, it is like your physical body is checking in and receiving updates which are directives, which we carry out and send through and bring through from our prime creative source, Mother Earth. It is possible in other ways to work in the dream world, to walk in other worlds which each of you do so easily and effortlessly, because when you work, through those worlds, you are not only working for yourselves. You are taking others along with you, other brothers and sisters in humanity who are lost in those worlds. You anchor things for them and they follow you. So when you work in this world to ground and to anchor and to work through shadow aspects, you are doing much for yourselves and much for others around you. There will be new experiences coming, deeper grounding experiences with your journeys into other worlds and now that we have your attention, you will be more aware of us when we show ourselves.

JP: Is there a particular signal or way of recognising you?

Speaker 1: We will flash at you. We will send a flash. Elementals will start to visit you in your home and you'll recognise that as a movement out of the corner of your eye and a flash. When you journey into your spirit worlds, you will know. You will know it is us and especially now you have your own ally.

JP: Do you take a particular recognisable form or is it a frequency that we will begin to feel?

Speaker 1: Specifically because you have trained your shamanic mind, there is no need for us to show you a specific form, yet at times we know you like to have that playfulness and you enjoy a form to interact and play with. So we will choose either of those depending upon what our teachings are for you at that moment.

JP: Is there something you need Mark and I to communicate immediately?

Speaker 1: communicate to who?

JP: To friends, followers to post online to help.

Speaker 1: You both already touched on this earlier in the week with your talks about getting out in nature, honouring Earth, people coming back to what they're grateful for, to what is right in front of them and understanding that a connection to the earth has been lost. This is coming to the forefront right now. This is what is bringing up uncomfortable feelings in many around you. We would encourage you to continue, sharing that your connection to the earth and earth elements is what is going to get you through these coming challenging times.

JP: Beautiful. We can do that.

Speaker 1:

Know that there are also many star energies who have their focus and attention on you right now as well and they will be assisting as much as they can. They will be sending through their own frequencies of star energy to each of you over the coming three months. As we also work with the star energies and these star energies do anchor their energies in this specific cave at times as well.

JP: Is it important for us to visit this cave to receive particular teachings?

Speaker 1: This cave holds a teaching about non space and time. You can anchor yourself in one place yet still be connected to any and at all times to the collective consciousness and to the prime directives coming from your original source. Star energies only anchor their energies here so that they can connect into and slip into the stream of consciousness flowing through the planet. These star energies come through at certain points so that they can reach through and follow these streams back to the Central intelligence of Gaia. There is a protocol, for everything, especially when it comes to energy and information transference. Everything has its role. So if you connect with yourself here and you feel yourself here, right here and right now, there is an energy field in here, which when you can allow yourself to tap into it, you can travel through the earth, through energy streams and through worm holes to anywhere on the planet. If you wish to, you may directly follow those energy streams of consciousness and directives to the heart of the central intelligence of Gaia herself. These places are places of opening.

Do you wish to go on a journey?

JP: Yes, I'm feeling that's what we need to do is allow our consciousness to follow the path of this cave to the places that are too small for our bodies to go, but our consciousness can just zip through

Speaker 1: And that, we know how our friend, is your speciality, traveling to the in between places. This is something you do very well. Make yourself comfortable.

JP’s journey

Turned into a serpent like form and slithered down this cave into a water fall. Fell for a long time landing on a large bed of moss. This was a middle earth place. Sunlight but no sky. I lay here for a while and then plummeted down through the moss.

I came to a stop suspended in a large void. A voice explained that to descend any further my energy needed to be refined. I was spun at a high velocity. Bits, thoughts, energies flung off of me and I was able to descend.

The void became a crystal like cavern. This is the place where the mineral kingdom takes solid form. I was shown the metallic elements and how they support the electrical grid and I saw the veins of metals extruded through the earth supporting the planet.

I was also shown the various crystals and how they are concentrated into a physical crystal and deployed to places on the planet that need this. It was also explained that crystals grow so that we can determine when the data was encoded into the crystal. Every crystal has the base information and data but because they grow the updates can be easily seen.

I found myself in another suspension. It was explained that this was the heart of Gaia. It was a huge space of light. A toroidal field of energy and I was hanging in the central core.

I seem to remember asking about diamonds when a voice started to explain why this planet was carbon based. It was explained to me that carbon deteriorates and can be completely absorbed back into Gaia. All living things can completely dissolve with no holding onto an old consciousness. If the planet was, for example silicon based, there would always remain an imprint of every living being, whereas for the Earth there comes a time where there are no physical remains.

This was so much to take in and understand that I asked to end the journey and come back another time.

Marks Journey

I was taken along fine filaments of light like the glow worms in our cave had built. It was a stream of consciousness that the gnomes travel upon. I came to a stop where there was a concentration of gnome elemental energy. They surrounded me. Years ago on an island in Thailand I worked with a gnome for a whole week showing me energy places around the island. He gifted me with an emerald in my heart which would alert all gnomes and other elementals that I was a trusted friend. He stepped forward through a portal from that island and joined the others. They placed a crown of stars around my head as I just enjoyed absorbing the energy in that place

Another Cave

Mark found several other entrances to this cave network. We climbed down into a larger opening and could see the water coursing under and around this chamber. Mark was able to hoist himself onto a ledge and slide through an opening to explore several other large chambers adjacent to this one. Upon returning, Mark made contact with a Brownie. A particular elemental faerie spirit who works alone. He was not eager to engage with Mark. Eventually he calmed down and shared what he was doing with Mark. His job is to work with the dreams of the earth, catching them in the underground cave stream, refining them and then releasing them into the flowing water at appropriate times. He holds these earth dreaming treasures with much pride.

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