Walking the wheel of the year

solstice equinox cross pm.png

A 12 month experiential journey of the year following the sacred calendar of auspicious days. 

We will travel the weeks and months together for a full year in person or live via video link.

The course starts on either the Spring Equinox or the Autumn Equinox. 

  • honouring each new moon with a sacred pipe ceremony

  • celebrating the equinoxes and solstices with special ceremonies

  • celebrating the Celtic cross quarter days

Northern Hemisphere 

Autumn Equinox 20-23 September

Samhain 31 October 

Solstice 20-23 December

Imbolc  2 February

Spring Equinox 20-23 March

Beltaine 1 May

Summer Solstice 20-23 June

Lughnasadh  1 August

Southern Hemisphere 

Autumn Equinox 20-23 March

Samhain 1 May

Winter Solstice 20-23 June

Imbolc  2 August

Spring Equinox 20-23 September

Beltaine 1 November

Summer Solstice 20-23 December

Lughnasadh  1 February

Message me if you are keen on walking the year with me.