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Post Solstice Check-in

Wow what an amazing experience. The most amazing colours. It was incredible to be with everyone in 5D… No airplanes, no luggage, no masks… but the absolute feeling of connection and being there all together. For our next 5D adventure I’ll arrange a “hospitality suite” so we can aim for the same physical location where we can hang out with each other.

I’d love you to share what you saw / experienced / felt. We each witnessed a unique part of this amazing conjunction and earth transition.

The main message from the 21st is, “job well done!” We did it. The rainbow bridge is built, anchored and working. The earth is now receiving the new colour spectrum of light and love to end the craziness of separation and domination. This new energy of compassion and respect for all beings is radiating from the sun down deep into the earth, throughout the earth, spreading across the surface, flowing into all beings (the stone people, the plant people, the waters, all the swimmers, crawlers, slitherers, walkers and flyers) and back to our mother sun for a rinse and repeat, wave upon wave, pulse upon pulse.

For me the colours were so beautiful. Everything I say was blooming with the full spectrum of colours of light. The rainbow colours swirled like light on the surface of a soap bubble. Not in straight bands of colours like a rainbow after a storm, but swirls and curves of colour.

I was in ceremony from sunrise across the entire day. Tim (the elm tree) and his sister Sarah gathered all the trees in the park and I conducted a ceremony of connection for them. They lit up the mycelium network underground and spread that light farther than I could imagine.

At some point I was whisked over to Uluru to witness the epicenter. The rainbow serpent awoke and raised her head bobbing like a cobra all the way to the sun and transformed into the core of the rainbow bridge.

At the appointed hour, as we all connected, the colours got stronger and more intense. As the grid descended it lit up with colour and became bright in every direction. There was much dancing and joyous laughter. I recall noticing my 3D body grinning so big my cheeks hurt.

There were many processions and groups around the base of Uluru. Humans, ancestors, giants, dwarfs, fairies. . . all the beings with an earth connection. Several of us were asked to help clean up the negative energies that were laying on the ground in tar like puddles on the land. . .all part of the human clearing necessary to conduct this ritual. Working on the clean-up crew is not new to us. We made a giant trough and the heavy blackness oozed into the trough and we closed it. Our dear mother earth absorbed and will transmute this.

I then saw small silver rings rising up as coiled columns within the dancing colours of a beam connecting Uluru to the sky. It’s hard to describe this bridge of swirling colour with silver rings partly because it is so massive. An awesome shaman friend confirmed that as we were doing our part, up on top and above Uluru we were assisted by what seemed like 40 or so star beings (3 meter ish tall slender blue/ silver) Arcturians? Their part in this event was fusing a silver ring which was also sort of a dome to the rainbow cord. He also confirmed that we get a thank you gift for our efforts. We were each given a small (about tennis ball sized) swirling ball of coloured light joy to place in our heart and to use however we felt appropriate.

I was taken to different places to witness the colours coming up to the surface of the earth. I saw a small herd of Springbok in South Africa running and as each hoof struck the ground a vibrating wave of colour emanated at the spot. As they ran they created a streak of colour that would shimmer and then fade. At one of sites where Dean Laprini was, the window in the rock was filled with swirling colour like a soap bubble stretched across the opening. I saw a lion deliberately place her huge paw onto the earth and close her eyes in a deep dreamy bliss as colours pooled around her paw and travelled up her strong leg. Above Peru I flew alongside a condor who noticed the light dancing in colours across his wings. I could sense his feeling of joy as he saw the colours sliding across his feathers. He looked over at me as if to say, “Wow! How cool is that!” I saw dolphins creating circles of rainbows in the oceans and then playfully racing through the centers. I saw a kangaroo laying on the ground suddenly get up, surprised as she witnessed coloured waves of light pooling around her. I saw snow falling, white but I could see that each flake also glowed with the full spectrum of colours. And today, when I look at trees I see their aura not as a shimmering wave but as colours dancing around their silhouette.

One of the messages I received for us was, “You saw and felt the colours of the activation. From tomorrow onward, you will recognize and know the others because you will see / feel the colours within them. You will begin to see and feel things as dull or brightly coloured. When you connect with others (including rocks and waters and plants) connect by blending your colours with theirs and you will both be strengthened. You will absorb more of some colours from them and they will receive more of certain colours from you. When you blend, your energy will replenish and overflow with coloured energy to share. You will sleep a lot for the next days while your body integrates this new energy.”

Another message was, “this is a major part of why you’ve come to the earth at this time” Mary confirmed the feeling that we’ve been here before, we knew what to do and we did it,

Many of my spirit family who are feelers (as opposed to seers) confirm that they felt immense joy, over flowing joy.Great let’s all be human fountains of joy. Let’s splash that joy everywhere we can.

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