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Uluru solstice connection

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

My spirit teachers hang out amongst the trees in a nearby park. I’ve posted many videos of the wise advice from “Tim” the elm tree on my eagleheart facebook page. What I haven’t shared until now is that I’ve been accepted as student by a spirit council of 5 Aboriginal men. I met them hanging about above a spectacular twisted wise eucalypt tree. As I connected with the tree I could see them standing in a half circle looking at me. They were naked except for loin cloths. Three of them sported long white beards. All of them had white ochre paint on their chest, arms and legs. Each man and different designs of dots and lines. As I looked back at them they gestured for me to come and join them. I moved closer and could feel them size me up. It was as though they were scanning me to check my intentions and my ancestry. After a brief chat I asked them to be my aboriginal spirit teachers and they agreed. I asked them, “what should I call you?” they exchanged words with each other and then one of them said, “Call us the Wise Guys”. There was a moment of silence where I wondered if they were having me on, and then they burst in to laughter. When the laughter subsided, they said, “no seriously, call us the Wise Guys. it’s funny but also true. It’s ok, call us the Wise Guys” And so began my course of study with my council of 5 wise Aboriginal Spirits.

I come often to this tree to receive short sharp lessons from the Wise Guys. They insist on only one lesson per visit. They keep the teachings to one specific thing for me to understand. So far they have taught me about why they paint themselves with ochre for ceremony; how song-lines work and invited me to witness what a men’s council does as stewards of the land.

Today I came to ask them about the special Uluru ceremony that will take place 21 December 2020. They showed me how the rainbow serpent will become the rainbow bridge and usher in new energies of harmony into our earth.

They explained that after the rainbow serpent and her children / helpers finished sculpting the land she coiled around Uluru and remains to this day. The Wise Guys explained that when the earth was born there was an umbilical cord connected to the sun. (I guess if the earth has a belly button it’s Uluru.) That umbilical cord was cut and the earth started her journey as an independent being. When the first people came on the land they started to reconnect the umbilical cord to the sun but were told that it was not time. The earth needed more time for this new human creature to evolve.

Fast forward to now and the fact that the earth is receiving new solar energies and we humans have ‘done our dash’ and now need some help. The old ones of Uluru have been waiting for the earth’s request / permission to re connect this umbilical cord so that the earth can receive this new light and love from her ‘mother’ the sun.

They showed me that at dawn on the 21st the rainbow serpent will arise and the old ones will reconnect this cord to the sun. (there is also something about some crystals that the Pleiadians left buried at Uluru being activated... but this is already long enough) The earth will roll into the sun and the cord will become like a rainbow fan until the earth rolls to sunset. The rainbow fan continues through the earth becoming a full disc. The Wise Guys zoomed me out and I could see that for a brief moment the earth looked a bit like Saturn with a beautiful rainbow disc emanating from Uluru. They then showed me that the disc will relax and a rainbow cord will connect the earth to the feminine sun through Uluru. It is through this rainbow bridge that the harmony and peace of the rainbow will be fed into the heart of our mother earth and radiate to all creatures on the planet including us.

These teachings come as a download. It’s a bit like a zip file that once expanded, include many related lessons. One of these lessons explained that receiving rainbow energy means that we receive all the colours as distinct packets of energy. We will be receiving higher frequencies of light and energy that will influence humanity. The Wise Guys said that their ancestors knew how to use the blended sunlight in this way, but that now everyone will be able to shift towards partnership and live with more empathy and understanding and have the strength to be true to ourselves.

The Wise Guys showed me how to connect with this rainbow bridge and flow with the energy from the deep heart of the inner earth to the earth’s surface and from the planet herself to the Sun and vice versa. They showed me how to face Uluru, stand barefooted on the earth and join the elder's in ceremony at Uluru. At 9:02pm Uluru time (10:32pm Melbourne time) on the 21st bring the rainbow light (meaning being consciously aware of all the colours) up into my heart and then out my crown and connect to the flailing tentacles of rainbow light emanating from the sun. Once these light fibers find mine they connect and I am to fill up with the peace and harmony of this connection always consciously seeing all the colours. I'm to simply hang there enjoying the harmony and sending my love into the earth and the sun for a while. It is not important to stay connected at all times. It is more important to fill up when the ‘tank gets low’ It was the principle of a computer battery, don’t keep it plugged in all the time, allow it to run down and benefit from a clean clear recharge.

We will notice if this has worked when in the next few days we look at sunlight on water. We should be able to perceive all the colours not just a blend of white light.

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